Literacy Narrative

For this project, you will write a literacy narrative (2-3 pages in length) that describes an experience or significant moment that you’ve had with reading and/or writing. Ultimately, the specific subject of your narrative is yours; however, it should be something that holds a special significance to you and should enter a conversation regarding reading and writing. (CO2, CO4)

How to Proceed:

Review the notes in your journal for potential topics for your narrative.

  1. Review the various texts we’ve read and identify their structures and styles. You may want to use similar techniques in your narrative.
  2. Outline the structure of your narrative. Consider our discussion of Frietag’s Triangle, particularly in regard to conflict and resolution, and our discussion of Purpose, Audience, and Persona.
  3. Draft your narrative; use plenty of description.
  4. Get feedback on your draft from a classmate and/or Writing Center tutor.
  5. Submit your narrative in Canvas.


  • Times New Roman 12 point font
  • One-inch margins
  • MLA-style heading: Your name, instructor’s name, course, date
  • Title of essay centered above the first paragraph
  • Last name, page numbers in upper right corner of the header


I will be looking for the following:

  • a central theme and purpose
  • vivid descriptions that support the essay’s purpose
  • effective organization
  • an appropriate style for a specific audience

Requirements of submission:  The literacy narrative should be 2-3 pages in length and follow the formatting guidelines outlined above. Failure to adhere to these requirements of submission may result in the paper being returned ungraded. Returned papers will need to be resubmitted, and the late policy as stated on the syllabus will be applied.

Writing Center: Please take your essay to the writing center. You will have all weekend and next week to take it in. Be sure to get a confirmation slip (brown sheet) from your tutor. To get the most benefit from your session, bring your assignment sheet with you.


Amy Pittman