Lesson 3: MLA and Plagiarism

Course Outcomes

Learning Objectives

(CO2) Use technologies and language appropriate to purpose and audience Students will reflect on the summary-writing process, and share .
(CO4) Cite sources accurately Students will practice citing and adhering to MLA guidelines.
(CO4) Describe complex ideas, positions, and perspectives
(CO3) Summarize, paraphrase, and use quotations appropriately
Identify connections between texts and among related ideas
(CO1) Demonstrate an understanding of an individual text’s meaning and the broader conversation in which that text is taking part
Students will discuss main idea, supporting ideas, and evidence from the reading homework.
(C03) Identify connections between texts and among related ideas Students will make connections between the several authors they’ve read/watched/summarized thus far.


Schedule of Events

  1. MLA PPT
    • Practice citing the sources
      1. Video sources
      2. Article sources
  2. Review summaries with students
    • MLA citations
    • Main points
    • Supporting ideas & evidence
  3. Begin making connections to previous texts
  4. Have students draw a literature review matrix – to help visualize the overall organization of the Literature Review.
    • Summarize the readings so far
    • Connect the readings to each other
      1. Where do they differ?
      2. Which articles say similar things?
      3. What points are contradicting



  • Read Foer “Against Meat” (466 – 470)
  • Watch Dicke “Why Not Eat Insects” Ted
  • Write Bittman summary
  • Connect Bittman summary with Pollan or Shapin
  • Due in class: Writing Center slip for the summary and connections


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Amy Pittman