Example Unit

Unit Description

This first unit will focus on how food and the food industry impacts individuals, society, communities, and cultural experiences in 8 weeks. Through collaborative and individual readings, group discussions, and in class writing assignments, students will learn the skills necessary to write strong summaries. Students will be expected to write 10 summaries and synthesize and connect the ideas and model the language in the articles they have read. These summaries will enable students to demonstrate their skills and understanding of course readings as well as give them an opportunity to identify and explore how food influences current perceptions of health, eating, and sustainability.

Utilizing readings from They Say, I Say by Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein, this textbook will clarify the writing process and gives the students templates and strategies to guide the students as they begin writing summaries and synthesizing information for their literature review. The unit’s readings will be supplemented with assigned readings and videos, such as Food Inc., to provide the students with a wide variety of sources to engage with.

Writing these summaries and connections will also help the students develop and understand their own writing processes. Class discussions and in class writing assignments will serve to help students feel comfortable in the classroom while mutually benefiting from each other’s understanding and opinions about the readings.

Students will engage in peer feedback as well as in the individualized instructor feedback on assignments. This ability to discuss and make revisions, gives them multiple opportunities to engage in metacognitive thinking about their writing through themselves and their peers. To give the students a further opportunity to get feedback on their drafts, and to familiarize the students with campus services, trips to the writing center will be required before submitting two of their assignments. This will provide and engage students in different learning/teaching styles and techniques for revision.

Unit Lesson Plans

Lesson 1: Welcome and Introductions

Lesson 2: How to Write a Summary

Lesson 3: MLA and Plagiarism

Lesson 4: Making Connections

Detailed Unit Assignment Descriptions

Literacy Narrative

Summary and Connection

Literature Review #1



Amy Pittman